Monday, January 29, 2007


Lots of things happening in life .. Firstly, net ban has been postponed to Feb 26th, to 'help students to get acclimatised to new working conditions'. It is just to reduce the outcry for the moment and also, for the lack of any other sensible solution, coupled with the stubborn refusal to listen to our problems, this was the only thing they could do! ' Help students to get acclimatised to new working conditions' - Crap!!

Had been to pune for a day, to attend my youngest cousin's first birthday :). An extremely adorable baby, he is ! Was just thinking how all young ones are alike. My kittens [Shaama and Simha] , Gunda and Bheema as pups, this kid.. babies are innocent, be it from any species! [Pls. dont offence to the fact that I am comparing a human baby to kittens and puppies!] And, the gestures are so similar ! Even temeperments - even in animals, there are cranky ones, sweet mannered ones, ones that eat without any fuss, mischievous ones and few that cause noise enough to bring the roof down! :) It's truly a rejuvenating experience to be with a baby for a while. One can't help but smile upon looking at a baby's cherub like countenance :)

Back to insti to attend techfest 2007! Not going to describe the tech fest here - it truly deserves a seperate post!
Spent the techfest with Manas bhai! Was really nice meeting him after a long time - guess, it is 8 months now! And, there weren't any inhibitions what-so-ever and we could chat with the same ease that we shared during the summer. I had a great time, showing him the campus and nearby hangouts like HN, and he was sufficiently impressed (or atleast, made a good enough job of pretence :P) and made appropriate 'Ohh' , 'Aah', 'Great, yaar' kind of comments , giving me the satisfaction of showing him around ! :D JNC , if not anything else, has given me great friends - Ram, Pearly, and, of late, Mayank, Manas; and ofcourse, mentor-pals like Sonali and Subhra . Weird how in a short span of two / four months, you make friends for life . Here I repeat the gyan I sometimes dish out to Rash and others - it isn't the duration of the interaction, but the extent / intensity that matters.

Talking of Ram, I missed him at this tech fest, as I had roamed the fest partly with him last year, including a disastrous attempt at the Sci-tech [disastrous due to my zero contri towards the quiz! :D] . Missed Rash a hell lot, too, esp. during the awesome Warwick speech - kept feeling "arey yaar, this is just what she wanted to do, she would have really enjoyed this!" :)

All in all, returning to classes today , albeit a bit reluctantly :). Have lots of things coming up this week. Now, firmly entangled in Swar Sandhya, and dont think I can squirm out. So, meetings, meetings, and more meetings, it is! Got a quiz in my stats audit course, for which I have to try and understand regression analysis. :( . And the ususal, class-lab-french class stuff. Got to finish the Udgaonkar thingy before midsems and have to look up GRE dates as well. Well, girly, it's back to the grindstone for ya, after an awesome weekend!! And, for all my readers out there [ha ha!! dont I love showing off! :D] , await the post on Tech fest.. that's going to be one awesome description of one awesome fest !!! :)

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suma said...

I too have warm and sweet memories associated with the last year's tech fest. Out of the pair of tees that I bought, mine is with tintin :) Hope to get it back someday.. for you know how much it means.
I miss Bombay. Hope to get back, someday.