Monday, April 9, 2007


I pity our cricket team.. no, by this is I am not refering to their pitiable performance in the World Cup. I just mean that theirs is a position that I definitely do not envy! They are unfortunate to be the "sole sports stars" of a huge cricket crazy nation like ours. True, you do have craze for cricket in England, Australia etc, but there you have other religions too -such as footer, tennis etc. Those countries aren't pulsating with cricket fanatics , like our's! They say "Cricket is a game played by 22 fools and watched by 22 thousand!" Indian national game may be kabaddi, but it is cricket, which is spread through the nation like a virus, which is now impossible to eliminate. It has gotten firmly enrooted into every village, into every galli . True, you do have some members of the tennis, chess, footer sect, but these are a minority. Infact, we can even introduce a quota for this minority group ! "I am a football player / fan in a country whose majority follows cricket. So, I must be protected. Gimme a quota!! :) " What say? It might work!! Now, coming back to the main topic. In a way, it is great being the queen bee [or the queen swarm of bees here :D] , but it comes with a flip side. While you are reigning supreme, you will gain the adolation fo millions, but you screw up once, and they will screw you permanently. Truly, "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown".

Now, after the miserable world cup performance, the players returned shame-faced, reluctant, fearing for their lives, uncertain how the outraged public would react. The reactions were nothing short of expectations. Apart for the near-dictatorial rules made by the Cricket Board, you even had a village panchayat banning the game (Both viewing and playing) in their village, after the world cup!! Talking of the Cricket board, now they have decreed that no player can endorse more than three products, all the players will have the same pay scale, no company can approach mroe than two players for endorsing their products, also, no team memebr except the captain is alowed to make statements in the media!! Is n't this a violation of the "Freedom of speech??" Anyone would like to comment on this?? [Freedom of speech still exists in blog space ! Hurray for that! :D]


Vaib's said...

Indian national game may be kabaddi


its hockey!!

Vaib's said...

is it inspired by someone in US? :P

Bastet said...

arrey, it is seriously not kabaddi? kab change hua? :P lolZ!! jkokes apart .. all along, i thot it ws kabaddi.. ha! well!! u know some, and the rest.... u pretend to :D

Shrek said...

I can't relate endorsing products to performances. Some one help me out here. It is like saying that I cannot complete a project because I eat often at Utsav.