Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Molecular Surgery

Read about this is the paper recently. A team of researchers snipped off a hydrogen atom from a methylaminocarbene molecule, using a STM [Scanning Tunneling Microscope] and even reversed the process, and reattached it. Isn't it absolutely wow!! Now we are moving into nano surgery ! :) The implications are that this reversible nature can be employed in molecular electronics - like a molecular switch, which can alternate between conduction and insulation. [Because changing the bonding within an atom changes its electrical contact with the metal surface on which it is coated]. I guess, we can even extrapolate it to implications in synthesis .. maybe bonding of two atoms which cannot be bonded by regular chemical synthetic methods [or for which methods haven't been designed so far.] Anyway, this is one of the real cool things I read about recently, topped only by the iPhone :D

To which recent scientific achievement would you attribute a "wow" factor?

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Tallur said...

The scientific community's good luck that I've decided to quit - now isn't this something wow??