Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rough waters

Life has been smooth sailing over the last few months. Each new venture has paid off. Things have worked out much beyond expectations. Now, the road ahead is kuchha. Bumpy, unpaved. Scary. It's been said that taking the road less traveled makes all the difference. This is an untraveled road. Hopefully it will make a positive difference.


Abhishek said...

Doesnt it get really boring when the road is travelled on. Its the unknown that adds to the excitement in life even if it pulls you out of the comfort zone.

Bastet said...

True. But, sometimes, you just wish you can peak into the future and assure yourself that the road doesn't have a dead-end.

Abhishek said...

You are talking to a guy who gets lost on every hike he takes :)

Even if unsafe; nothing beats the experience once you are through it.

Bastet said...

:) Haa haa! True. Somehow, while driving, my sense of direction has never failed me, Have managed to emerge out on the right track each time I took unknown diversions.And, the thrill has been huge :))

Btw, last post, typo = Peak nahin peek :))

Nissim said...

I assume you are talking about Bangalore roads in the rains :P.
u'll always have people who love you to smooth the way.
"Worry but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum".