Sunday, February 11, 2007

I am Gifted :))

Took an IQ test today. Just to check out - and either get elated or depressed :D - and got a score of 139 ! :D Gave the online test at They say that theirs is a test developed by research scholars and scientists, and is one of the most authentic ones available today.

The statistics read -

40 - 54 Severely challenged (Less than 1% of test takers)
55 - 69 Challenged (2.3% of test takers)
70 - 84 Below average
85 - 114 Average (68% of test takers)
115 - 129 Above average
130 - 144 Gifted (2.3% of test takers)
145 - 159 Genius (Less than 1% of test takers)
160 - 175 Extraordinary genius

So, what is "Intelligence"?? As the site itself quotes - "Is intelligence one general ability or several independent systems of abilities? Is intelligence a property of the brain, a characteristic of behavior, or a set of knowledge and skills?" The most comprehensive definition I got is - "general adaptability to new problems in life; ability to engage in abstract thinking; adjustment to the environment; capacity for knowledge and knowledge possessed; general capacity for independence, originality, and productiveness in thinking; capacity to acquire capacity; apprehension of relevant relationships; ability to judge, to understand, and to reason; deduction of relationships; and innate, general cognitive ability." Anyone interested can check out It is an interesting read.

Coming back to my score - I m not a genuis.. Well, dint come as much of a surprise, as I have never been supremely confident about my "Intelligence" so to say, but, "genius" is something that I would have loved to be identified as :D But well, the site does say I am "gifted" :D

Sometimes, it takes another person to hammer home the fact that you are truly blessed or 'gifted" as in this case. I was going through a low, thinking, that my math is weak, I dont remember most of the chemistry that I learnt, Physics was never strong, and I'm struggling to understand the working of a complex physics-based software for my work, and am being unable to trouble shoot. Several other things such as the fact that I dont know to play any sport, or that my dancing is just average, and even the fact that I want to do so many things here, but am running out of time.. all were making me feel blue. So, feeling thus, I was working in lab some day, when Sunita asked me to sing , as she was feeling bored too. Now, music is something I truly enjoy, and though, I do have some "stage" fear, I have no problems singing while among friends. So I sang. It felt so good to just forget about all simulations and stuff for a while and just lose yourself in the song. After I finished, she said - "You really sing so well!! Infact, you are good at so many things - I feel when God was making you, He decided to put all good things into you - He has given you so much!". At that point I cracked some stupid joke about "God was putting so much in, so, He had to choose a Big body :P" But , later on, I was pondering about what she said. Though exaggerated, there was truth in what she'd said. I am blessed , and instead of looking at what I have, I was looking at stuff that I dint, and was feeling blue. I am blessed with a very loving family, and great parents, an extremely supportive sister with whom I share an excellent bond, a lovely childhood - filled with amazing cousins, a rambling ancestral home, lots of moments of masti and madness, which will always remain cherished - childhood moments like those that you read in books and always long to have; great friends - somehow, so far, God has blessed me with great friends in every walk of life . He's given me Music - which has been a passion ever since I can remember [Music deserves a separate post by itself - more later :)] , He gave me an opportunity to come to a great place like this - where I have done so many things that I'd never have thought I could do! Well, when , I come to think of it, there are really few regrets that I have :) So, must say I am "gifted", in more ways than one :)


siddharth said...

I would say intelligence lies in knowing that you are intelligent; genius lies in others knowing the same!

Karthik Nayak said...

This is what is called veiled and modest BOASTING

Bastet said...

@ sid,

Cool quote :D

@ Karthik

Lol max!! Now that you say so, guess it does appear a bit like "beating one's own drum" kinda thingy! :D My apologies!!

Vaib's said...

took the same test!!!
was highly torturous!! 38 questions!!
give up hua left it in between..

And would like to see ur certi if it is really 139.!!! ;)
Or u blowing your own trumpet. :P {see ur reply to Karthik}

Bastet said...

@ vaib

Ofcourse I got a 139 !! If I was indeed lying, I could have as well made myself a "genius" , na !! :D n, those 38 Qs aren't torturous, yaar! I found them quite fun .. esp the logic and verbal kinda questions.. are you sure you went to ??

Sadhana said...

Btw, is the title of this post a hint ? Your birthday is still along long way off darling. :)

Bastet said...

@ akka

Lol !! you dont ahve to wait for the B-day, deary! Un-birthday gifts are accepted as well! :D

Bastet said...

@ akka
btw, why dont you try the test?? I m sure you would come in the genius category [Seriously no sarcasm here, trust me, those Qs are like the ones you used to solve with ease ]

suma said...

enough comments you've gathered on the intelligence aspect, so I'd leave it out :) I liked this post esp for one reason, the way you have counted the things which made you feel gifted. I felt the same way yesterday, man I am so lucky! Life is GOOD!! I still smile when I go to bed, thinking about all the wonderful people I have met, gotten to know and have learnt from.

Bastet said...

Hey sume! Saw your comemnt just today. Couldn't agree more with you on that.. and, well, me gifted again to have friend-cousin-sisters like you! You rock, babe! :)