Monday, February 19, 2007

These are a few of my favourite things............

  1. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
  2. The sun's rays entering my room, as I draw the curtain in the morning. Even love the sun on my face, waking me up in the morning, as it used to be at home.
  3. The feel of the cold wind against my face while jogging in the morning.
  4. Listening to music while working. [Not reading, but other work]. Esp. like having the radio on while at home & the suspense of which song is going to be played next :)
  5. Lying down with my head in another's lap. Have fond memories of it..
  6. Reading the newspaper at the breakfast table.
  7. Cartoons!!! Esp., Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, and now, Dilbert and PHD Love to watch the Mask and Tom n Jerry :)
  8. Driving. Limited to two wheelers now, but plan to learn a four-wheeler soon.
  9. Chocolates
  10. Weird funky earrings. Definitely non-gold!
  11. Getting Mehendi put on my hands.
  12. Curling up in my favourite armchair, with my cat purring contentedly in my lap - Bliss!!
  13. Being greeted by a dog.
  14. Laying down on the grass and star gazing.
  15. The river water sparkling in the morning sun rays .
  16. Dinner time gupshup with my friends in hostel
  17. Perfume
  18. The smell of rain on the baked earth.
  19. Sleeping in the Maali [loft] with cousins in Kundapur, talking late into the night, till we dropped off.
  20. Swings - not the modern kinds, but those old simple ones, where you could swing till you felt you could touch the sky!
  21. Red wine.
  22. Long walks with akka, in Gandhi bazaar, filled with loads of girly talk.
  23. Watching movies with akka.
  24. Chats - the spicier, the better!!
  25. Pineapple fresh cream pastries :)
  26. A hot water bath at the end of a grimy train journey.
  27. Relaxing in the shade of a tree on a hot summer afternoon.
  28. An afternoon siesta.
  29. Charmbura upkari at annayya's.
  30. The sea
  31. Cycling - has its own charm, that isn't replaced by the scooty!
  32. Playing cards, esp, Gaddava, esp if Vasu is around :)
  33. Rebuses.
  34. Mangoes and Oranges
  35. Mum's cooking. Btw, I like cooking too :)
  36. Temple bells.
  37. Singing , esp while taking a bath :D
  38. My Wodehouse and Agatha Christie collection.
  39. Midnight sinful indulgences of icecream with akka and Sume.
  40. Blogging !!! :D


Shrek said...

You sure these are just a 'few' of your favourite things? Look like a helluva lot to me....

Bastet said...

@ sid
The title was 'inspired' from a famous song from the Sound of Music. And, well, I started off with a "few" things [as in the song], but, by the end, the list was a bit too long! :D

Ram said...

Long list :D but quite exhaustive I guess ... lol! Looks like quite a few of your favorite things can be enjoyed everyday. Have fun!

Bastet said...

Thank you!! In fact, it is the small pleasures of life which make my day happy, inspite of workloads , deadlines etc :)

suma said...

Loved the smell & feel of a girls' hostel.. realized it when I came around in IIT. The uni-spirited dressing up, gup-shup, indulging in a self conceited belief of being a go-getter, letting down all you defenses and believing in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, being yourself ALL the time.. I had a lovely time babe. Thanks!!
PS: not sure if this is the right place to say thanks ;) but who cares!

suma said...

Well as far as this posts goes, we have so much in common! I will write to you about my Mahabalipuram trip. Can't wait till I fix the net at home and upload the pics.

Bastet said...

@ suma
You are welcome any day , darling! I , to, love the hostel. It's definitely a home away from home. The kind of bonds you develop here are much more stronger than one can ever imagine.