Thursday, September 25, 2008

Protected !!

Ever felt so loved that it was like a blanket over you, an impenetrable cocoon of goodwill which shields you from harm??

Had an accident on Saturday night. Was riding pillion on the scooty, fell off. Had a head injury, lost consciousness for a while. Needed suturing. But, no internal bleeding, no concussions, no fractures. Escaped with minor injuries, as in all previous accidents.

People say "Touch wood! You have been incredible lucky" . I say "I am loved".


Nissim said...

Not just you...the ones around you are lucky too. Or maybe they are as loved as you are.
Maybe some needed a scary experience to bring them some much needed perspective and clarity.
Take care dear.

MM said...

God Bless dearie, take care...n love :)

Bastet said...


Nobody "needs" scary experiences.. One just survives them and gets over them!Hope you get over the mentioned one soon!

@ MM

Merci beaucoup, mon chere amie! May God be with you too, forever and for always :)