Monday, May 14, 2007


Yup, I am back in Bangalore [Sorry, Bengalooru] now :) Left IITB on the 7th after finishing my MSc . I don’t want to turn this post into Meghadoota –II and write about my separation pangs at being away from the place and the people with whom I spent the two most beautiful years of my life. It is sufficient to say I miss it all the time.

Attended Rashmi’s marriage the day after I returned. Was confronted with weird emotions – felt myself unable to picturise my friend, my school-mate, a girl of my age – getting married, settling down to take on all the responsibilities of being a wife, a daughter-in-law and what not!! Especially, found it difficult to fathom how she could agree to marry a guy she knew only for a couple of hours!! Though their families knew each other, each person is an individual, and knowing the family doesn’t translate to knowing the person with whom you plan to spend the rest of your life!! Even after years, sometimes you wonder if you truly know a person!! Maybe all the cock-n-bull story about a guy and a girl being made for each other is true.. else, how can one explain such spur-of-the-moment-decision marriages turning out so successful!!

Started going on morning walks to Lalbagh with Poorni. Met up with old friends at a Ganahoma at Soumya’s place. Got together with Akka and watched “The Paycheck” on the comp.. it was so like the olden days, when we would watch a movie together, and then compare our criticisms of it . Made ‘Odi’ [called ‘Sandige’ in Kannda, a sort of papad like thingy, but smaller and spicier, made of Saabu daana] with Amma. Was reminded of my high school days when we both would take the radio up onto the terrace, and spend hours, talking about stuff in general, the radio in the background, and I would ruefully compare my deformed Odis with Amma’s beautiful, uniform sized ones. Must say mine came out uniform this time :) Went out with Annu, ate Batata wada’s at our favourite roadside stall with home. It was a lovely reminder of my childhood days. Somehow, it is comforting to know somethings never change, and, I can hope that after few years, when I return after my phd, the roadside stall would still be there, making the famous bataata wadas and, inspite of all the cholesterol awareness, there would still be a huge crowd around it :)

The sky was turning a lovely hue of red while Annu and I were returning today. The evening had a sort of dry dusty feeling to it – though there wasn’t any dust flying about. A kind of stillness in the air, a faint red spread in the sky, which seemed to pervade through the air, imparting a rosy hue to the houses, to the streets and, to my mind, even the faces of people about me! Somehow, dusk in Mumbai was different. The tinge in the sky - even the weather was something I have always associated with the dusk, summer and Bangalore. Yes, I am back – I have come home …..


suma said...

ah, what a post!! At a loss for words.
waiting to meet you babe.

Arvind said...

suswagata namma bengaloorige ;-)

Nissim said...

Now that you are doing a PhD in Bangalore itself, how many times have you had these batata wadas?