Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Learning to fly

Our conversation goes along familiar lines - you excited about going out and making it big in the world, me trying to share your enthusiasm, but more concerned about what this will mean to "us". At one point, I tell you - 'I think I am not the person for you. You want to fly in the vast sky and explore. I want to build a nest. At times, I feel I am shackling you, not letting you fly. I hate that.' You ask me if I had heard of Icarus.
'Yeah, wasn't he the one who tried to fly with wings fashioned from wax and feathers?'
'Yes. He flew so high that the sun melted the wings and he fell down to his death. You are the person I need. You will keep my feet firmly grounded".
I have no words left. Somehow, you seem to know the right words to say to me.

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Unknown said...

:) I can feel you girl. I too am lost for words here.