Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tragedy ... quarter-life crisis

Yes, the unthinkable has happened. After about a quarter of my life has gone by, the thing that I managed to avoid with some much effort over all this years, has hit me big time. I got dental carries!!!! :(

I was proud of my 31 teeth [ya, one canine decided never to make an appearance!, so, I am not a total bitch :D] And, had managed to preserve them intact all these days. But, alas, the bugs caught up with me finally. So, developed a few tiny cavities. Have to go to the dentist now. As Ogden Nash says, "Some tortures are physical, some are mental, but the one that's both is Dental!!" So, preparing myself for the ordeal now ... :( Sob!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alternative careers

Had heard this question some time back. "what would you choose as a career, if it is not what you are doing currently?" and, one was expected to come up with at least 5 alternative careers. I found I could come up easily with more than 5 !! So, here are my alternative careers :

1. Restaurant Critic
Nissim suggested this one, based on my habit of ranking eating places - 'ambiance good, service bad, food ok ; overall not good value for money' etc etc :). But, as he pointed out, as a vegetarian I would be handicapped in this job !!

2. Chef
Well, as is evident from my appearance, I enjoy food - especially good food - and I enjoy cooking. Would love to take up some cookery classes and be able to whip up delicacies!

3. Writer
I was seriously considering writing some columns for newspapers - like the O-zone in TOI . Whether they would entertain me is secondary :D But, I like writing. The recent decline in frequency of blogging is primarily due to my shift to campus and the lack of internet in hostels there. A lot of blog posts are composed in my mind, and die a slow death there, without ever seeing the light of cyberspace.

4. Being a member of a music group.
It has always been a cherished dream. And, during Swar Sandhya at IITB, this dream just got reinforced. But, for any dream to be fulfilled, one has to work hard, and, I realised the hard way that I hadn't put in enough effort for this dream to come true. Anyway, tomorrow is another day and there's no harm in continuing to dream!!

5. Wild life enthusiast
I love animals, and, can sit and watch Animal planet and NatGeo programs on snakes, reptiles, birds and all kinds of animals, for hours on end!! The Animal Behaviour course I took at IISc was one of my most favourite courses :) Would seriously love to be out in the field, observe and understand how wonderfully Nature operates!

6. Travellogue writer
Have recently been bitten by the travel bug. Am being filled with a desire to travel, go see different cities, different countries, see how the people are, what the history of the place is, what the habits are, look at their traditions and cultures, shop :D Would love to travel for a living, esp. if someone else is paying for it :D

Other choices of career , which are not as prefered as these, are veterniary doctor, interior decorator, Green Peace activist, School teacher, movie reviewer and book critic :D

So, what would be your alternative careers???