Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The day of reckoning.

It is here. The D-day is tomorrow. Feel confident as long as the butterflies in my stomach don't flutter too much. Lack of appetite [when it's me saying this, it is serious :)] , clammy hands, dead weight in my tummy .. NiNa tells me I am normal [1N as he put it :P], that this amount of nervousness is but natural. But I wish it would go away. Someone silence these butterflies. Would rather have the bread-and-butterflies they talk about in 'Through the looking glass.' Guess Alice didn't have any nbd while facing the panel of cards. :P


Nissim said...
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Nissim said...

Ah! Now you know the feeling I had at the IIM interviews.
Now you know why I said it isn't life-and-death but feels like it.
The lack of appetite is interesting though.


Abhishek Bhat said...

Not very many of the kind to comment on. I'll stick to saying "Best of Luck"