Monday, June 23, 2008


Today it's one year since he's gone. One whirlwind year, in which so much has happened... but, when I think of it, it feels just like yesterday that he was with us.

So much has happened last year, which would have pleased him tremendously. He would have been so proud of Akka's US trip and my Zurich trip. He would have relished the 'foreign chocolates' that we brought home. He would have earnestly prayed for the umpteen exams I took last year, and, would have been "extremely happy" at the results of some of them. He would also have been very happy that I decided to stay in India. He would have loved to meet NiNa, would have enjoyed his company, esp. his humour. He would have loved to see akka's completed home. He would have extended his love for all animals to our latest entry, Sona. He would have, as usual, asked us to photograph the brahma kamalas that bloomed this year.

The last year has been one filled with achievements and accomplishments for me. Yet, there is something lacking. An absence that cannot be filled by any human or super human effort. Maybe this is what "loss" means.

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Nissim said...

i relate to what u write abt loss.
success just isn't the same when the ppl who would have enjoyed it the most aren't around to share it with.