Thursday, October 2, 2008

Run maadi Run :)

Been running since today morn. Woke up late, left home late and ran to the bus stop. Sat, BP rising, as the bus slowly crawled through Eid celebrations at Chamrajpet. Ran to catch bus to Malleshwaram at Majestic. Cursed when bus stopped at main gate rather than the ATM gate. Ran to class, and, was still 5 min late. Hurried to finish last problem in the assignment, during RV's class. Got Gaya3's message about the movie, and, rushed to ATM gate soon after class. Ran around for an auto to Sigma mall. Sat in the auto, BP rising, as the auto crawled through the traffic [looked like the whole world and it's aunt were on the streets today!]. Ran to get tickets at Sigma. Luckily, today was one of those rare occasions where the queue I was in was the one that moved quicker! Then, ran through the mall to the movie halls. Must say, Sigma is one of the worst constructions ever. No direct lifts and escalators and steps so positioned that one has to literally take a pradakshina around each floor to reach the stairs to the next level! Finally, made it in on time - even for the trailers!! :) 

Got home, and thought it was the end of running for the day. Now, my nose has started running. Bah!!! 

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Nissim said...

The pradakshina is a common thing in shopping malls. There in Forum as well.
The steps are not to get you from point A to point B asap. They are positioned so that you end up crossing max number of shops (increasing the number of eyeballs).
"Strategic" thinking...something we specialize in here at IIMA.