Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tragedy ... quarter-life crisis

Yes, the unthinkable has happened. After about a quarter of my life has gone by, the thing that I managed to avoid with some much effort over all this years, has hit me big time. I got dental carries!!!! :(

I was proud of my 31 teeth [ya, one canine decided never to make an appearance!, so, I am not a total bitch :D] And, had managed to preserve them intact all these days. But, alas, the bugs caught up with me finally. So, developed a few tiny cavities. Have to go to the dentist now. As Ogden Nash says, "Some tortures are physical, some are mental, but the one that's both is Dental!!" So, preparing myself for the ordeal now ... :( Sob!


czuee.morey said...

I experienced this same crisis a few weeks back! Its horrible!

Sid said...

With every passing day I inch closer to this crisis :(

jb said...

The fat cat missing a canine. That is a crisis :)