Monday, September 28, 2009

To kill a mocking bird

Just read a beautiful book after a long long time. Amazingly written, the story narrated via kids was one of the most beautiful, simple, innocent, yet touching tales I have read.

Ms Gates- " That's the difference between America and Germany. We are a democracy and Germany is a dictatorship. Over here, we do not believe in prosecuting anybody. Prosecution comes from people who are prejudiced."

Scout - "I heard Miss Gates distinctly saying ugly things about Tom Robinson [a black man who was unjustly sentenced to death on a white girl's false accusation], and how this should teach them all a lesson.
Why can Miss Gates can hate Hitler and yet feel Tom Robinson's verdict is justified because he's black? "


Vinay said...

Authentic Humour! Brilliant writing, one of my all time favourites.
I have this weird memory intertwine of Harper Lee and Truman Capote(In Cold Blood), like conjoined twins. I think the associations dovetailed more after watching the movie Capote.

Bastet said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by :) I had been meaning to read this book for long, n somehow never got around to doing it ... when I finally read it, it was just mind blowing :)Yet to read In Cold Blood and watch Capote tho... how's the book (In Cold Blood)? Btw, did you know Dill was based on Capote?