Monday, February 8, 2010

Murder in broad daylight

There was a murder in the area I live, and it happened in broad daylight. The victim, was a veteran, who had lived for decades, braving the odds. The assailants were many; young muscular men in the prime of their youth. They hacked at their victim, who still stood strong and needed several blows from several men before showing the first signs of tottering. It looked like the victim was a practiser of ahimsa - not once was there any retaliation to the torture that was being inflicted. There were several passer-bys, silent witnesses, who gave the carnage a fleeting glance, not pausing to help, lest their busy schedule be upsetted. As the victim stood swaying under the heavy onlaught, the henchmen under the supervision of the boss, lassoed the victim and pulled, until, the poor thing could stand no further and finally, toplled over - a silent corpse. Friends and family stood rooted to their spots, in silence and shock; unable to help their loved one who now lay lifeless on the ground. Not that there would be any use if they spoke - who would hear their plea when the Government itself was ordering their elimination. The victim's brother, who was next in line, bowed his head silently, and let his body be subjected to the assailants' attack . And, people continued to pass by silently, without sparing a thought for the lovely huge tree that was being brutally chopped down to make way for a useless underpass.


Megha said...

U have captured the emotion beautifully Bastet! Might i add that not only was it a murder committed in broad daylight but it is a part of a coldblooded, premeditated and silent massacre plaguing Namma Bengalooru.

Nissim said...

aye aye to more Nanos to clog the streets of Namma Bengaluru! When it is the aspirations of the millions vs the inspiration (breathing) of the millions, it is the aspiration that wins!
May the murder end someday.

Bastet said...

@ Meghs - aye aye, namma Bengaluru is no longer the garden city that it once was.

@ NiNa - well, it's not just the Nanos - more problematic are the other big, less fuel effective cars, which will generally be buzzing around with just a single person inside.
The public transport in Bangalore is really good, and improving by the day. Rather than chop trees and widen roads, govt should encourage ppl to travel by buses. Making subways just transfers the congestion to another spot, metres away. It's not a permanent soln. The govt wud do better to improve existing roads, and traffic signals, so that vehicles move quicker.

Unknown said...

'Tis time to chew on something new
Forget that which's ould;
the cake's cover'd with mould.
Step outside, 'n' look 'round you
You can't have a tree,
And cut it, too.

Bastet said...

@ John - Huh ?? What's the old, moldy thing here ?? The discussion abt trees being cut??

Unknown said...

No, not that. the proverb about having the cake and eating it too,

Anonymous said...
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