Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The pleasure and pain of writing

Have been inactive in the blogosphere for months on end now. Months where so much has happened, months that kept calling out to be recorded in detail; so that one may come back and read them to relive those moments, months where I've been completely swamped; having absolutely no personal time. Hopefully the worst is over and I should be able to get some breathing space. Have applied for an internet connection in my room and plan to blog regularly henceforth. Writing is a form of catharsis, an avenue to vent out my innermost thoughts. Could do with some writing now :)


jb said...

Hey you're back!!!

Rush said...

Was missing you badly! It's been like this for many weeks now. I have also been very busy with a lot of things and no personal time and space. Haven't written or called you because I don't want to stop midway. Am now in lab on a Sunday afty and wanted to talk to you..but it must be midnight there. So thought of checking out your blog. And there you are! Very nice to see this recent post. I really wish you never stop writing...'coz I love to read it!