Thursday, February 22, 2007

Exam "fever" :D

I have noticed that I get most of my creative outbusrts when my exams are just around the corner. One year , it was this amazing idea for a birthday card for my cousin, another year, it was a photo-collage [that I still have, stuck inside my bookshelf back home]. Now, it is this uncontrollable urge to blog. These "ideas" not only take root in my mind, they sort of overpower all other thought processes and become a kind of irrepressible urge, that doesn't let me think or rest till I have given in to it.

I guess, it is because I finally allow my brain to work during the exams? :P Or, maybe, I tend to relax during exams, which allows my brain to indulge in creative pursuits. Well, maybe relax is not the word, more like 'lax'. :D

I remember the good-old-school-days, where each class test was one of utmost importance, and a difference of a single mark would make an earth-shattering difference. During my high school days, I was an ultimately sincere kid. I would wake up at - hold-your-breath- at 05:45 AM and sit down for studies by 06:00 :D In the evening , upon return from school, I would allow myself a maximum of half-hour's rest, and I would be back to studies! And, mind you, to my parents' pleasure, this time-table was self set! But, then, I got out of school, into NCB for the glorious PU days, and, akal thikaane aagayi :D

Now, my routine consists of several interesting things to do during the regualr days :D Come exams, then, I take a break from the routine, and this is when I have these creative outbursts . Once i am finished with these activites, then, I get down to study [Finally!] . Then, the realisation dawns - that the syllabus is voluminous, time is miniscule- and some amount of this precious time goes into contemplating that
my brain is aging and its grasping power has reduced and I should be reducing such incidences of last minute study! After jerking myself out of such reveries, I finally study - albeit, in an exam oriented manner - and dash off a prayer to the Almighty before dashing off to the Hall.

My prayers with the Almighty have also changed with time. During early instances of 'last minute study' , I use to apologise to the Almighty for failing in my duty, and used to request Him ki "Is baar naiyya paar lagado" . Nowadays, I guess even He would have memorised whatever I have to say! So, I tell Him " You very well know what my situation is and what I am going to ask, So, I am not going to repeat the same old stuff and bore both of us. Please understand and do the needful" ! So far He has been merciful enough and has obliged each time.

Yesterday, was truly an extreme case of such procastination. I had a day and a half for preparing for my statistics course, which was an audit. I, stubborn headedly, refused to prepare on tuesday, 'cause I felt that an audit course did not deserve so much of my 'precious' time! And, when I finally sat down to study, I could have kicked myself for the previous day's stupidity!! Thankfully, the paper went well, much better than I had expected.

After each such instance, I resolve not to repeat it again, but, once the exam is over, the daily routine begins. Classes, lab, French, cult activities and ofcourse- masti, keep me so busy, that I do not study regularly. Then, comes exam time, with such "creative urges" to complicate matters, and the vicious cycle continues.

Hoped to kick the habit this time, but the very fact I am writing this post indicates that I have given in to an urge. Got an exam tomorrow. Will go study now!! :D


Sid said...

This ain't last minute studying dear... better call it last day study or something :D ...and such talk doesn't suit crackoos like thou. :P

Bastet said...

@ sid
When you come to this stage called "PG" you suddenly realise, that it isnt enough to crack in the exams, it is the knowledge that you take with you that matters. I ahve been blessed with excellent short term memory, so, half-a-day-muggayi = crack in exams. But you quiz me after a month, and I am clueless. That is what I am lamenting about!

Sid said...


from whatever I know about you, you seem to know enuf about the stuff that you do; and I really don't think exams should interfere with your knowledge. Exams are meant only for cracking with last min preparation... the knowledge and understanding business better be left to projects and seminars; at least that's what I feel....

Bastet said...

Thanks, re. Haan, i might know more in my field of interest, but regarding all the courses I have taken, I feel I could have learnt more. But, chod de, no point in cribbing about everything! :D Aur, abhi life hai aage, and learning never ends, right? :)