Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day ki shubh kaamnaayein!

Valentine's day has come and gone, the thought of it still lingers... [Akka, remember a limerick along these lines? :D]. With the Shiv Sena threatening to marry off couples engaged in 'obscenity' (link), and two women's groups threatening to oppose the Shiv Sena (link); I was expecting that the press would have a fun time interviewing the 'newly-married's, the marriage mongers and the spoil-sports :D, and , we would have some welcome (?) change from the Bachhan-Rai saga to read about. Sadly, this year's Valentine's day was quite uneventful . Infact, as Ram commented, Clever people would have taken advantage of the Shiv Sena threat and made sure that they were found in all the prominent khopchas, thus, availing of a Shiv Sena sponsored wedding.

But, imagine the following situation -

Javaid and Jennifer want to marry, but face stiff opposition at home. Being Clever people, they decide to take advantage of the V-day.

(Feb 14th, In a kopcha near Bandstand)
Javaid - " Shiv Sena is coming , chalo let us make them notice us "
[Couple indulge in "obscenity" (translates into PDA).
Shiv Sena activists - "Hey raaam! Yeh kya kar rahen hain. Chalo, inki shaadi karate hain"
Javaid and Jennifer dociely follow them, man mein laddoo phooting.
Women's activists, close on the heels on the Shiv Sena - "Nahin, aap in par yeh zulm nahin kar sakte. What is wrong with PDA?? This is a free country. We'll call the police if you continue with such atrocities!"
J &J dismal!!!
Shiv Sena - "Hum yeh shaadi karaake rahenge"
J & J hopeful.
Police dont turn up on time [Atleast, you have one thing you can be sure of, in these unreliable times]
Shiv Sena wins battle :D

Scene cuts to temple.
Pandit ji waiting.
Procession proceeds to mandap - Shiv Sena people, with J & J ; Women's activists behind, screaming themselves hoarse; Press reporters, cameras and pens poised.
Panditji - to the groom and bride " Apna naam batayiye"
J & J tell their names blushingly. Immediately, Hell and its aunt break loose at the mandap.
Shivsena - "Panditji, yeh shaadi rok deejiye"
J & J agasht - "Par kyun?"
Shivsena - "This service is provided only for Hindu couples . Sorry, we cant extend it to you". J & J walk away, sadly; the Pandit again begins preparation for the next couple, whom the Shivsena goes on to find, women's activists and the Press in tow.

So, the bottom line is -"Best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley" :D Happy Valentine's day !!! :D


Sid said...

All characters in this post are fictitious and any similarity to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental???

Btw even I had expected much drama from the Shiv Sena this year, following their winning the elections; strange are their ways......

~Abhi said...

Really cool post..

I have a different funda abt valentine's day.. i always call it the valenti'l'e day on which all singles ( who are intentionally or unfortunately in that state) can make fun of any 'valentile' couple and send silly sms to members of their type (read as singles) which say smthing like 'happy independence day, cheers' and so on. :-)

p.s. your post, very expertly, fails to mention about the activities of the author on the celebrated valentile's day :P

~Abhi said...

abt above query abt author, just came to know, congos!

p.s. i hope i was not misled into a trap by some of my/your friends. if not, my heartiest congratulations! :)

Bastet said...
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Bastet said...

@ abhi
Nice to know that you liked my post :) Btw, do I know you? [No offense meant here, just curiosity :)] And, since I dont know about your "sources" , I cant speculate as to what wild stories you might have heard :P

Abhi said...

@bastet :
see my post on V-day as well. on my blog. :)

You definitely dont know me. I also didnt know you at the time I posted my first comment. After that, I got a warning notice from one of the other comment-givers on this blog if I knew what was happening(which I didnt). And then, I came to know abt the comment-giver and therefore the answer to my query. and hence, the second comment.

p.s. No wild theories. Source is my classmate.

Abhi said...

p.s. ~abhi and abhijit are the same.. just two different ids.
blog link is in ~abhi profile.

Bastet said...

Ha, ha, hold ur horses !! :D Your source of info may be your classmate, but the inference from the info is your own! :D So, dont let your imagination run wild!!

Abhi said...

nahhh.. am too dumb to draw any inferences. I got all the observations, results, inferences - everything from your (and my) friend only. (p.s. but i never did tell you any inferences, did i? :-)

and most probably, I am going to be warned again "to shut up or else" when i go and meet my classmates. :D