Sunday, August 26, 2007

Terminator returns...

Terror attacks in Hyderabad... Bombs placed at the Lumbini Gardens, at the Laserium and at Koti, at a popular chat shop. 42 killed, several injured. What is being done about it? I guess nothing. Terror attacks have become such a daily event that it doesn't shake up people much. I had written about this earlier as well. But, come to think of it, what can the public do in such situations? It is the Intelligence people who have to investigate and find the perpetrators of crime [Hopefully, earlier than 13 yrs, this time around..] but what can we do as the public? The outrage felt [may be short-lived, yet..] is expressed in the worst possible way - as happened yesterday, at the Gokul Chats, where the public, enraged as the police took more than half an hour to arrive at the site of blasts, burnt a bus, and yelled anti-police slogans. Seriously, what can we do as the citizens of this nation, in a situation like this? Any ideas?


Nissim said...

Really horrible atrocity...but is there a solution?
we feel outrage when such a thing happens.
we also feel it when a Haneef or someone is unjustly detained when 'they' take 'action' against attacks on them.
this outrage is then channelised and turned into more of these terrorists.
A self-generating phenomenon... a "hydra" of sorts??

Bastet said...


True... It is a feed-back cycle..But, as opposed to the Revolutionaries of yester years, like Bhagat Singh [who, btw, is my ideal activist]who just wanted to make their voice heard, and took care that no innocent was hurt in the process, the "rebels" of these days go ahead to just make an impact, hurting so many innocents in the process. They may have cribs against the Govt, but the way to voice ur cribs is not by hurting innocents.. which is what these people are doing.. Those who dies dint harm these 'fighters' in any way, so, by doing what they are doing, these so called rebels, are infact becoming just instruments of terror. They use the ends to justify the means, without giving a damn about the hundreds of lives lost in the process - both their own and those of the masses..

Sid said...

Think about the words 'terrorist' and 'terror'. These people do not use these means to get their message to people, or crib against the government or something... their only intention is to strike terror in the hearts of people... terrorism isn't about causing a revolution (like Bhagat Singh et al.)... it is more about making people kneel down before terror. As such, as common men, we can do our best to maintain our normal routine in life despite such activities, and let more capable people handle the prevention of such terrorist activities... I know it's easier said than done... rather it's much much easier said than done... but as I see it, this is what I have to say to your 'Seriously, what can we do as the citizens of this nation, in a situation like this? Any ideas?'