Monday, August 6, 2007

You just can't beat them....

There some things that people say that always put me off, and, trust me, they inevitably do this. For example -

1. You are just 22!! I thought you were older [Wow! You have eyes that see mental maturity! I have those too, and, believe me, you look no older than a new born babe!]

2. You are not getting any younger, you know.. [Darn it! The age-reversing potion must have stopped working!]

3. You have gained weight! [Yippeeee.. I achieved my goal of being unique and different from these aneroxic bimbos!]

4. Most girls of your age - even your friends - are getting married.. [Cool! That eliminates competition! Now all those handsome hunks will be left for me]

5. You are South Indian? You dont look so [Well, I have to try hard and disguise my identity.. those evil space aliens are on the look out for me, you see..]

6. You have green eyes! Do they glow in the dark? [You bet!! That's why I never switch on the headlights of my vehicle- helps in fuel conservation..]

7. Oh! so you've returned from Mumbai? [Nopes, my physical self is still there, this is just my astral body paying a visit..]

8. Your hair's thinning [Yeah, I am on this special diet that helps me lose weight from one extremity to another.. I just started from the top]

Have to go to a function today. I am sure I ll be subjected to a few of the above. I shall grin and bear it, muttering, "Forgive them Lord, they know not how dumb they are.... ]


AlterinG Abhishek said...


Lovely post
i really laughed a lot...
where on earth do u exist!!

Rush said...

Hilarious! :D
Wish I could laugh with you like old times!
Miss that a lot.

Bastet said...


Thanku thanku :D


Me too miss u, babe.... Get a lappy soon n lets skype :)

Arvind said...

6th one is awesome !!!

Unknown said...

Total ROTFL.
Nice one babe. I think you missed one- PhD, Isn't that a 5 yr course, by the time you finish, it will be late for marriage :-P

Bastet said...

@ Arvind

Thankoos! :) Nice of u to have stopped by :)

@ sume

OMG! How cud I forget tht comment!! :) but I guess, i wud apply the same "all ur age ppl are married" thingy to this as well! :)