Saturday, January 17, 2009


Finally got my scooty repaired and drove it. Went for a long [well, not very] drive on Wednesday to meet Jowairia. Had not driven or sat pillion post my accident and parents were apprehensive. I was confident I would not have problems driving, yet, there was some irrational fear.

It was comfortable. It felt, as always, that the scooty and I were one. And we went sailing over the roads to Jayanagar and back. :)

While it is joyous to achieve something new, it is a greater pleasure to overcome a hurdle in your mind, get over the past, exorcise your demons, conquer your fears and emerge victor. :)


Unknown said...

Congrats :)

edmund said...

hay i have linked up your blog to mine, what do i name it??

Bastet said...


@ Edmund

It's knots-and-what-nots :)

Vikas Gupta said...

Glad to know your scooty is repaired! I also love my my vehicle: a cycle!

When your "guide is not observing" feel free to visit my blog.

Will read your blog later; found you in Bhondoo's comments (IISc blogger).

I have a soft corner for science students and laboratory; I have friends from/in MSU; my one time room mate Mayur was from MSU ( now in Tokyo after years of struggle filled life as a JRF).

I discovered Bhondoo only today (from Nanopolitan); I am a new kid on the block. Am subscribing to your feeds!

Oye! I just found out that you have also disabled the option by which I could have used my WordPress identity to comment here! Ok,I am using my blogger profile then!