Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Knotty problem

Thoughts are a lot like proteins [I can hear a huge cry from my friends "There she goes about proteins again " ! :)] Proteins are also dynamic, vibrant entities. As long as they fold correctly, " God 's in His heaven—All 's right with the world!". But when they misfold, chaos reigns. A spanner is thrown into the works. More chaos, if the misfolded one starts aggregating with the newly formed ones, setting off a chain reaction of misfolding. Total lack of function. Mayhem!

As I was saying, thoughts are a lot like proteins. As long as they are clear, all is fine, and you are at peace. A single crooked thought can set off an exponential increase of unhealthy thoughts, till you feel your head is a time bomb ticking away steadily, ready to explode the next minute. You feel it would be such a great relief to get those thougths out of your mind.

Infact, everyone should have a personal Pensieve. [remember your Harry Potter.. and , if you havent read one, from which era are you?? :)] The Pensieve is to thoughts what a chaperone is to those poor misfolded proteins. It allows you to take out all those knotted thoughts and put them away from your mind. There, far away from the confines of your skull, they untangle themselves, and sort themselves out to a point where you can go back and analyse them. In the meanwhile, the remianing thoughts in your mind also get a chance to revive and flourish. So, that is what this blog is to me.. a Pensieve, to pen down both the knots and the what-nots of my mind. :)

Statutory Warning : If you are reading this blog for an intellectually stimulating experience, Stop! These will most likely be the ramblings of a confused mind, trying to sort out itself. But if you too are a sailor, adrift, trying to find his bearings, maybe you can relate to what is being 'penned' down here .


Rush said...

Welcome aboard, babe!! :) Great start! Congrats!!

Bastet said...

thanks, swheart! :)

Karthik Nayak said...

Well,the world had t know of ur mental condition but u deserved a grander platform than this given the kind of things u will put up here.Anyway,congrats ur blog is on the "DO-IT-Urself websites list" on the self suicide community

Bastet said...

haa haa! :) tht is so flattering! :) btw, yo too have signed into e-blogger.. Does this mean you ll be writin a blog? that ll be something to look forward to! :)