Sunday, November 12, 2006

Talking "cats and dogs"

Seeing a couple of kittens in the mess today morning reminded me of my pets - both past and present ones. I have had the fortune to experience the company of both dogs and cats.

Dogs are the best ego boosters you can get! A dog loves its family (as in, the one that is rearing it) completely. If you have seen the total devotion on a puppy's face, you'll understand what I mean. They make you feel as though you are the king, the sole priority in their lives. The rousing welcome given by a dog, once you are back home (even if you have just left just 10 mins back :D) is enough to pull you out of the deepest dumps! But, a dog also develops various accessory feelings such as jealousy, insecurity, possessiveness. It sulks if it feels it isn't getting attention, resents show of affection towards any other animal, especially babies or other dogs. It gets hurt, and suffers the pain which accompanies such great love and attachment.

A cat is a much more bindaas creature ! :) As a friend once remarked, "You own a dog, but a cat- owns you! " It stays with you, but never lets you take it for granted. It sets the rules, all the terms and conditions for its stay. It decides what food it will eat and where it will sleep.. and , you are very much mistaken if you think you can coax it to do otherwise! If you dare be adamant and refuse to agree to its terms, then it has no qualms in leaving you and moving on! "The cat, with its indignity and independence is very much like what the human animal should be but isn't" (Paul Corey). It shows affection, but with a kind of detachment. The moments when a cat chooses to love you - other than when it needs food-
you feel as though you have been blessed! It is as if a monarch, looked down from his perch on an elephant, at a lowly peasant and smiled at him. That is the attitude of the cat, towards the human it is living with! It does not consider the human its master, it is more like, 'I deserve all that you are doing for me, because I am gracing your home with my presence!' In cats' eyes, all things belong to cats. They are the ultimate followers of the Charvaka philosophy! They care not about the future, they totally believe in what they have at hand and aim towards total gratification of sensual pleasures! As Abe Lincoln remarked, "No matter how badly cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens " :) Curiously, these strong willed creatures do not rake up the human ego. They seem to radiate this calm statement of " I am your cat, You are my human" and it must be their self assurance that somehow convinces us to willingly give in to their terms and rear them at home! How nice it would be if we could be like cats - Lovable, affectionate, yet not clinging, moving on when life is not going according to their terms, unwilling to compromise, independent, having utmost self esteem and self confidence, very sure of what they want in life and also getting what they want!
Before winding up, here's a panel featuring my favourite cat :


Unknown said...

That was COOL! I can so well relate to this and imagine what led you to say almost everything that you did :D
Lovely post babe! Keep walking... with the feline poise ;)


MM said...

Hey Chetu! Welcome to Blogosphere! Keep writing :)

Vaib's said...

well an excellent post,filled with humour...
can Qualify as a Review on emotional traits of Cats & dogs!!

Bastet said...

hey, thanks!