Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fate and Folding

My friend commented upon the previous post on "folding and philosophy", and so did Akka . Both felt that if the end was already predetermined, then, all our efforts are in vain, coz, no matter what we did, we would just get what was ordained. The end must be , at least partly, the consequence of our actions.

This got me thinking on this subject again. What they said seemed logical. So, lets go back to the folding funnel.

As you can see, there are several local minima, having lower free energy values. At the bottom of the funnel, there are several states having nearly equal free energy. Maybe, based on the path we take, we reach one of the states. If the path is not the ordained one, we may get into one of the local minima. We might or might not get out of the local minima, and begin our downhill roll again. If we do, we may take any of the final low energy states, each of which is equally good. So, perhaps, fate has a couple of things- equally good- planned out for us. Unless we do something very drastic, which locks us up in one of those local minima states, we will end up in any of the 'good' states. A round about way of saying, in the end, everything happens for the good :D


Karthik Nayak said...

I am worried about how ur autobiography would be like after u win the nobel and write one.
I pity the ppl who buy it.
Plz dont send me the complimentary copy

Bastet said...

lol !!! na, wont send you any free copy.. will make you buy one! :D