Saturday, December 9, 2006


Just wanted to pen down some of the things I learnt from Prati :

  1. Growth can either be in width, or in depth. It may be derived from new experiences, or from complete immersion into whatever we are doing. Both are equal. At the end of the day, a carpenter totally involved in his work would have gained knowledge similar to that of a scientist or a traveller who has gone round the World.
  2. What is knowledge? It is not the amassing of facts, it is not information. Knowledge transforms people, it makes one grow.
  3. Nothing is wrong, nothing is right, in an absolute sense. It is the circumstance which makes something right and something wrong. In the end, everything comes round in a full circle.
  4. Your goal is pre-destined. So, instead of writhing in mental turmoil, as to what One should do, it is better to completely involve oneself, in whichever path life leads him, and seek knowledge.

But this, then, brings the question.. Are we so completely helpless? Do we not have anything in our hands? Mere puppets in the hands of that Supreme being or Fate or whatever? Then again, believing in Fate makes life much more easier. One doesn’t feel the burden of decision making weighing down upon the shoulders. Maybe it is an inter-play between the two. Something like genetics, where both the genotype and the environment decide what the final phenotype of the individual is. The environment selects which genes should express and which shouldn’t, and, in turn, decide the characteristics of the final individual. Maybe what decisions we take are like the Genotype, and Fate is the environment, and what we become finally, is decided by both.


Unknown said...

hey girl you gotta read this book called God's debris. If I can bank on my ageing memory, I had sent it to you about an year ago.
read it, in case you haven't already.

Bastet said...

yup, I do have it, It is by Scott Adams [creator of Dilbert]. Havent read it as yet, though.

Unknown said...

I just came across this article, thought you may like it.