Saturday, December 9, 2006

Folding and Philosophy.

Continuing along the lines of the previous post:

Protein folding, truly, holds the key to understanding the process of Life. In a lecture I attended, the folding funnel was described beautifully in the following way. Imagine a blindfolded golfer. On a horizontal course, the ball he hits may go in any direction, aimlessly. But imagine a sloping course, shaped like a funnel, with the hole at the bottom of the conical greens. The blindfolded golfer hits the ball from his position on the rim. No matter which path the ball takes, it eventually rolls down the course and goes into the hole.

So is our life. Maybe Fate has already decided what the hole or our Goal is and has placed us on the edge of the funnel. We, too, are like the blindfolded golfer, unable to see ahead, worrying about what will happen with each stroke. What we have within our control is just the path chosen. Based on the path, we accumulate different experiences. Same paths may be bumpy, some maybe extremely smooth [the minimal free energy path?], but we reach the goal eventually.


Karthik Nayak said...

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This stuff is too heavy for my limited knowledge

Unknown said...

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Sadhana said...

A rather worrying perspective.
If everything is pre-ordained, then its better to love what we do rather than seeking to do what we love.

Bastet said...

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@ Sadhana
Await my next post.. philosophy deepens :D