Sunday, January 21, 2007

La vie.. c'est pas mal!

Our esteemed Insti is giving us an unforgettable republic day gift - net ban from 11 PM to 12:30 PM !! a 13.5 hr closure of the net in hostels. It is being introduced as a reaction to the recent suicide case, where the guy who commited suicide was a gaming addict. The authorities feel that with the ban, gaming would go down drastically, and with no net in the hostel, students would turn up promptly to classes. But, this is typically a case of "Cut off your nose to spite the face". For curtailing the 10% of students who game, the rest of the 90% are also being subjected to this unreasonable policy.

Came to know about this on friday evening, and was extremely pissed off ! [Forgive the swearing, guys, but cant come up with a better word to describe my feelings!] The reduction of net would hit at various levels. Primarily, most of studies involves lots of googling. There are no defined textbooks, and the net is the most convinient way to get the latest data, presented in different manners, so that we can understand well. It is easy to say study before hand, but with the hectic days, most of the study is done on the day prior to quizzes and midsems. Assignments as well, require the net. For both doing and for submission. Then, I would lose touch with most friends with whom I could chat at nite. Calling up would be too expensive, and hence, would be just once in a while. Chat also served as easy means of communicating and co-ordinating with hostel mates and friends. Mailing each other articles and study material during exams was very common. The authorities feel that with a great liby and with net in the dept, we shouldnt be having any problem. For one, we cant keep running over to the dept for every single doubt. Also, the dept doesnt have enough infrastructure to support all the students during the exams.

Some 'wise' profs remark that they did study without the net and we should be able to do the same, that the net is a luxury and not a necessity. Might be true, in a way, that I, too, got through my degree without a 24hr net. But the syllabus, and the study pattern was widely different then. And, above all, any luxury, used long enough, becomes an essentiality. Our fore-fathers dint have mixers and used the grinding stone. But, tomorrow, if the mixer in our kitchen breaks down, it would be impossible to revert to the mortar-pestle system! So, is this. You dont give us net from the beginning, and set the study-assignment patern in a similar manner, we wouldnt be complaining. But this is like depriving us of our rights.

So, I was seething and fuming that day. That and a coupla other things had me so frustrated, that I went around telling everyone that the Insti sucks, and life in general, sucks big time!! Then, spoke to Rash and Poo for a while, cribbed with Sid baab [excuse me, Sid! :)] and then, spoke for a long time with Ram. Felt good . Then, Rash came over, and after a long time, we friends sat and watched FRIENDS. Felt much better... and felt, that inspite of senseless authorities, draconian laws and the coming tough days; when one is blessed with great friends, like I am; the troubles become much more bearable and indeed, it seems like la vie, c'est pas mal!


Karthik Nayak said...

I thought ppl there were intelligent.
They could have let the internet be and just taken away the computers or electricity.

Bastet said...

from the students who gamed or frm all? :P

Sandeep said...

very well written indeed...hope to get some relaxations from our 'wise ones'...