Saturday, January 27, 2007

I am an IIT-B-ian :D

Few things that tell me that I have become an IIT-ian :)

1. I dont have a pair of sandals to wear with Indian clothes. [The pair that I have are heeled and I refuse to wear them, 'coz they break my back ! ]. So, without any qualms I wear my all-purpose floaters with my salwaar-kammez and the knowledge that this is a fashion-suicide doesnt bother me the least :D

2. I have a single shade of lipstick, which goes on (my lips) on all 'ocassions' , for a normal insti day, its just lip-gel (vaseline), baby! All the facts about day shades, night shades, party wear, matt and gloss finish learnt and practisied painstakingly during degree days have been forgotten, and most likely, wont be ever learnt again!!

3. Jokes like "Zindagi ka MATLAB seekho" [courtesy :Rash] make me laugh ! :D

4. I wear jeans and tees most of the time, and on the rare days on which I wear a salwar -kameez, my friends ask "aaj koi festival hai kya?"

5. Half my tees are IITB ones - hostel, dept, tech fest etc :D

6. Brekfast is a meal of questionable existance. On weekdays it generally consists of a rolled up paratha or a sandwhich, gobbled in midst of dashing off to the dept. On weekends, it is that meal which is sacrificed for greater causes such as sleep! [though, the latter bit abt weekends is changing due to my new year resolution abt jogging!]

7. 'Dayaa', 'Daya max', 'Scope hi hota hai', 'fight ho rahi hai, yar', 'God prof hai ', 'stud banda hai', 'pain na maar', 'fundoo', 'RGgiri', 'nbd', 'chamkaax', 'chillax', 'publi', 'freshie', 'sophie', 'matka' etc are a significant part of my conversation :D

8. It is not unusual when someone says "mein aaj jaldi so gayi , 0030 tak so gayi".

9. It isnt unusual either to put in a night out and still turn up to class. cult committee meetings at 930 or 1030 at night are normal , as well.

10. Above all, I return from my LG's home, to the campus , and feel "I am back home" :D

I love this place !! :)


Rush said...

Hey! exactly my sentiments today! I came back to my room....and felt a warm sense of belonging! ...felt at home! [:)]

Bastet said...

:) same here babe! btw, glad u r back, missed u a lot, dear! :)

Sadhana said...

Some things such as change in attire, new slangs picked up will be a temporary thing. But the self assertiveness, independent bent of thinking.. will stay with you forever. A serious comment on ur humorous post, but a heartfelt one

Sadhana said...
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Bastet said...

thanks, anaksunamun! :) Loving each day .. n living each day! never felt more alive :)

Unknown said...

Exactly my sentiments Sadhu, some more to add to the list - being able to manage stress (give you an edge over others in today's world), openness to learning, adapting to new things, a cosmopolitan mind and a hopeless sense of humor ;)
Atta girl!