Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dream come true!

As my friend Maya says, MM for Mumbai Marathon.... The Dream run... 17.5 K people, 7 km, 1hr.... I am out of words [!!] .. just got one word to say.. AWESOME!!!


Vaib's said...

it is 6km :)

Vaib's said...

And must be thankful to me!!
NOW one more trt!! :D

Karthik Nayak said...

caused a national natural disaster
and u are showing off about it??

Bastet said...

@ vaibhav
thanks for the correction, n treat was arranged at diro's place today, u dint turn up! :D

@ karthik
buzz off! :D

Unknown said...

proud of you girl!
one of the things I regret not having done.

Vaib's said...

u call Chana ki sabzi and roti a treat?

kuch to dyaa karo!!