Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ambedkar Aur Gandhi

Read the synopsis of a play that is going to stage tomorrow evening at Ranga Shankara. It's a Hindi play called Ambedkar Aur Gandhi .

This is the synopsis of the play as they give it :

The play brings to us the long drawn debate between Gandhi and Ambedkar. Though both worked towards the upliftment of the so called backward community their methods were as different as chalk and cheese. Apart from concentrating on the correspondence between Gandhi and Ambedkar that led to the Poona pact, the playwright underlines the benefits that Ambedkar’s proposals will bring to the lower castes and Gandhiji’s concerns regarding the removal of division between the upper and lower caste Hindus.

I would go with Gandhi's view, than Ambedkar's. 'Cause all the reservations and the so-called efforts to 'uplift' the 'backward' class, have only increased the divide. While these methods don't really help the people in rural area, where the discrimination actually happens; in the urban areas, in minds of the student community, it has only created an anti-reservation attitude, to the point where the quota candidates are looked down upon, as intellectually inferior, having gotten in only on basis of their caste. How does this even help remove the barriers of caste system?? How I wish the Indian Constitution acted on the ideals of Gandhiji, instead of those of Ambedkar!! [Difficult, when the latter wrote the Constitution!] The concern should be to eliminate caste system, and how can we achieve that when every damn application form in the country asks you to state your religion and caste?

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jb said...

The difference between curing the symptoms and the cause is a big one apparently.

If the Indian govt. were a medical enterprise it would cure AIDS by giving everyone a daily dose of HIV; wonder why these geniuses don't get a Nobel. They do qualify by today's standards.