Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Lost Symbol

Picked up Dan Brown's latest from the Papyrus desk yesterday. Read about 50 pages. So far no one has died a gruesome death, nor has any ancient mystic secret been revealed - though, a person has gotten initiated into a secret society :D It stars his all-time favourite hero Langdon, but no cute attractive, slim-trim-beautiful lady on the scene as yet.

The book has not been impressive this far, made evident by the fact that I didn't stay up all night to read it :) , but let's see how the plot proceeds :)

Apart from this, read a few Matthew Reillys recently. 'Contest', his first novel, was strictly OK , the plot making it obvious why no publisher wanted to publish it and why Matt Reilly himself had to put in funds to print the first 1000 prints :D . "Ice Station" was humongous - a whopping 700 pg novel. But, it was good. The plot was gripping, the twists nice - it was like reading an action movie :) "Hell's island" was pathetic - I thought it was utterly crappy, and got published or read only beacuase it was in an omnibus version with "Ice Station"; till I read online that it was a novella written for people with reading disablities. Now, I think both the novel and the idea are utterly crappy :P Why would reading about a mutant genetically engineered gorrilla race, built for the kill, encourage anyone to read any more??? Blood-thristy Gorrillas tooting M-4 Colts, controlled by radio waves transmitted to a chip implanted in their brains - not exactly my idea of nice English literature!!!

Anyway, looking for a really good book to read - something as nice as "To kill a mocking bird". Any suggestions?


Sid said...

I am having the exact same experience with the latest Dan Brown....

but I have got to 94 pages... don't have enthu to go beyond.

Abhishek Bhat said...

Mutant Gorillas may be next as far as biological warfare or a new Mithun movie goes :P

jb said...

Same here except that it's 2 pages for me and a month and counting.. :)

jb said...

Missed out the last part of your post. How about 'Love in the time of Cholera'? Haven't read it myself (on my todo) but was recommended. If you enjoy thrillers I found 'Parsifal Mosaic' a good read.

Bastet said...

@ Tallu and Jb

managed to reach upto nearly 200 pgs! My perseverance shocks me :P

@ Abhishek

It could also be a Rakyesh Ompraksh movie - Kaala bandar :P

@ Jb

Tried to read 'Love in the times of cholera' long back, but couldn't.... must give it a second shot. Currently, after plodding through the Dan Brown, I plan to read Katha - a collection of translated prize-winning Indian short story collection.