Sunday, October 4, 2009

Women's secrets :)

Went lingerie shopping with old friends on Friday, at a lovely store on Brigade road. Was observing all the women who'd come to shop. Most of them did not fit into the mold of Victoria's Secrets models :) Some were fat, some skinny, some fair, some dark, some plain, rest- plain ugly! But, yet, as they looked at the lingerie, one could see the transformation happen. I realised lacy lingerie was not just meant to make one look sexy, it made one feel sexy, made one feel desirable and did great wonders to one's self image!! And, I realised one need not be size zero to look wow, one could even be shape zero, yet feel wow... and, a woman confident about her looks is any day more sexy and more alluring than a woman who is anorexic and insecure. Beauty comes from within, truly ;)


Mukta said...

aha! lovely post!

Vaib's said...

just one comment so far on a "HOT" blog!