Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Basterds and the Nobel

I thought I won't start of by speaking about the Nobel - which is what I seem to be doing since yesterday. But, couldn't resist myself from commenting on this idiotic ass-licking that the Nobel committee seems to be doing. A great man, who united the masses and fought a 'war' of independence by non-violent methods apparently didn't deserve the Nobel but a guy who had barely been in office for 2 weeks when the nominations were filed, and who - so far - has only made promises - was given the Nobel !! Apparently, in Stockholm, words speak louder than actions.

Anyway, watched the Inglourious Basterds recently. Ultimate paisa vasool movie. Been a long time since I enjoyed a movie so much. Had been to Quick Gun Murugan with NiNa, hoping to have a jolly laugh - was a huge disappoinment. Went to see the Basterds without too many expectations - but was pleasantly surprised! I did like Kill Bill [after all, isn't it thrilling to pluck an eye out and smash it under your foot!] but this movie had more than just beautiful action, violence and gore !! And, got to hear some French after a long time and realised I still remembered some - could comprehend a lot more than 'oui', 'non', 'merci' :)

Finished catching up on House MD season 6 , HIMYM and BBT - all episodes so far. Waiting eagerly for the fresh ones.

Must say I have made full utilisation of my boss's absence !!

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